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Miniature Fiber Optical Spectrometer


Technical Parameter

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MSB3000 Miniature Fiber Spectrograph is for ultraviolet,visible,near infrared spectroscopy measurement of an information apparatus.Compared to conventional spectrophotometer,the main features of the spectrometer to measure speed,the whole spectrum of information received simultaneously;repetitive,and most of the equipment used all-solid-state design,not the activities of components to ensure repeatability and measurement equipment for a long time to run the stability of the CT machines used in this cross-optical,compact,small portable devices.The main measurement used in emission spectrometry,measuring absorption spectra,fluorescence excitation spectroscopy,and so on. Micro-spectrometer is widely used in a variety of light detection,color measurement,chemical analysis,the glass lens reflex transmission measurement,chemical analysis of the dynamics,the university teaching laboratory demonstration,gem identification,enviromental monitoring,gas analysis,a variety of analytical instruments such as OEM parts.


MSB3000 Miniature Fiber Spectrograph is compact,including the incident slit,collimating lens,grating,mirror image,and the filter array detectors,also includes data acquisition systems and data-processing system.After the incident optical signal to the projection slit collimator lens,astigmatism will be made into a quasi-parallel to the optical reflection grating,the dispersion after the mirror imaging spectroscopy was in the array of receivers to receive the surface to form  spectrum of surafce spectrum.

Spectrum of monochromatic light spectrum is the face of the sequence of arrangement(with high-level spectrum),the whole spectrum of any exposure to a small band corresponding to the pixel detector,in the light signal will be coverted into electronic signals,by Analog-to-digital converter,A/D amplification,by the end of electrical control system showed that the output terminal.In order to complete a variety of signal spectrum.


  • Fixed grating design;the traditional instruments through the grating rotation to scan the entire spectrum;and the use of micro-spectrometer CCD array receivers to achieve a fixed grating structure design,to achieve high repeatability and instruments to achieve long-term stability.
  • Optical interface standard:SMA905 standard optical interface.FCinterface can be used to enter or lens coupling interface(user);
  • Scanning speed:full-wavelength scanning of the fastest 5 milliseconds,the real dynamic analysis;
  • The entire electrical system for the control of dual-CPU,a CPU-driven control of CCD,a CPU control data acquisition and transmission.Effectively improve the measurement of speed,to achieve rea-time spectrum acquisition and display.
  • USB2.0 interface:the fastest 40M bps;
  • RS232 interfaces;
  • USB 3000-spectrometer to measure the speed of the fastest spectrometer,can be scanned 200 times per second.



Technical Parameter

Specifications                    MSB3000 MSB3001 MSB3002 MSB3003 User-defined
The Main Parameters  
Size 70mm×96mm×45mm
Weight 400g
Optical Parameters  
Focal Length 42mm input; 68mm output
Slit the Incident 100μ 50μm 150μm 100μm 30-200μm(optional)
Grating 600L/mm 450/600/1200L/mm
Filter Integration Filter(250-850nm,non-standard)
Fiber  Connection SMA905 relay to 0.22NA fiber
Spectrum Parameters  
Wavelength Range 340-950nm 400-1100nm 700-1100nm 220-800nm 200-1100nm(optional)
Blazed Wavelength 340nm 450nm 1000nm 250nm -
Bandwidth Spectrum 4nm 2nm 5nm 4nm -
Wavelength Accuracy ±1nm
Wavelength Repeatability <0.1nm
Noise 0.003Abs
Stray Light 0.3%(500nm)
Integration Time 5ms-65s
Electrical Parameters  
Energy Consumption 250mA@ 5 VDC
Data Transfer Rate 40Mbps(USB2.0)
DAC Resolution 16bit
Interface USB2.0 RS232
Detector Parameter Sony ILX511 OR Toshiba TCD 1304AP and Hamamatsu
Detection Range S9840
Pixels 220_1100 nm( Hamamatsu S9840)
Pixel Size 1024PIXELS,3648(tOSHIBA TCD1304AP)
Signal to Noise Ratio 14µm×200µm
DAC Resolution 500 : 1(at full signal)
Linear Calibration Value 12 bit

Flexible configuration: According to the band range of users ,the different requirements of the resolution,flexible configuration and slit grating.

Optional Items:

Slit the incident: the incident is the slit width,the smaller the value,about the high-resolution spectrometer,but the lower the energy system,poor signal to noise ratio.

Grating:the greater the grating groove density,the greater the grating dispersion,the higher the resolution,but under the same conditions,the smaller the scope of the band.

Receiver:Sony ILX511(2048 pixels) and Toshiba TCD1304AP(3648 pixels) for visible light receiver,in response to the spectrum of 340~1100nm,Hamamatsu S9840(1024 pixels) for the ultraviolet-visible receiver,in response to the spectrum of 200~1100nm.

More conventional form for the model configurations,such as the user has any other special requirements,please contact the local sales agent,or to contact our company.

Fiber-optic components:

It is a kind of optical fiber for optical signal transmission medium for the dissemination of material,which is the main mechanism into the core of the signal light,clad interface reflection after the completion of the optical signal in the core of communcation,in order to achieve data transmission.The optical signal attenuation small,strong toughness,strength,good temperature stability; tp provide a variety joint reflection projection type of measurement to meet the diverse needs of customers;SM905 standard interface to connect to a variety of measurement components, to complete a variety of different types of measurement.

Fiber Type Quartz,glass plastic optional
Measurement Range 220nm~1100nm
NA 0.22
Fiber Diameter 100,200,400,500,600,1000µm
Fiber Length 2m(Or by user request)
Bend Radius >0.3m
Core Pure Silicon
Paper Material PVC,PVC+Metal Spiral Pipe
Operating Temperature -40~+75℃


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