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Solid Breadboards


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  • Made of high quality aluminum alloy or magnetic stainless steel by precision machining,light and easy to move;
  • Easy to fix different positioning systems with standard hole spacing threaded hole array;
  • Elaborately polished surface,good appearance and durable.For special specifications and materials ,custom products are available.

Technical Parameter

Planeness 0.3mm/600mm
Hole Spacing 25mm×25mm
Hole Diameter M6
Model Dimension(mm) Material
08SB001 300×300×13 Aluminum Alloy
08SB002 300×600×13
08SB003 600×600×13
08SB101 300×300×19
08SB102 300×600×19
08SB103 600×600×19
08SB201 300×300×6 Magnetic Stainless Steel
08SB202 300×600×6
08SB203 600×600×6


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